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Brigstock Dental Practice
97 Brigstock Road, Thornton Heath, Croydon, Surrey CR7 7JL
Brigstock Dental Practice


Written Reviews

I would recommend the brigstock dental practice to friends and family because of the way patients are treated in a friendly and warm atmosphere. The waiting times are not bad and the dentists are very kind and friendly.

great manner, great result.

May I say how wonderful your reception staff are. Professionalism seems to be a rare quality, but somehow all your staff are just that!

Excellent service was delivered from the initial stage of meeting the receptionist and throughout my entire visit. This was truly a welcoming experience. Thanks for a great delivery.

I would just like to write and say thank you to everyone at brigstock dental for all the care I have received over the last 25 years of coming there (since I was 5!) I spent a lot of time there in my teenage years having my braces looked after and thanks Dr Patel for removing the too many teeth I had in my mouth! I would not have left the surgery if I didn't move house but now its too far to come. I would recommend the surgery highly to anyone who lives locally. Thank you all

A poem by one of our longstanding patients written on behalf of himself and his wife
As you do everything
to care for our health
dont change anything
just be yourself
we've always been welcomed
with sales and good cheer
a beautiful place and
a joy to come here.
you ask for suggestions
and ill add my name
be happy, keep busy
and just stay the same!!

I cannot speak highly enough of my dentist

The reception area has wonderful receptionists that are always helpful either in person or on the phone, the reminder text service is really useful too.

My dentist is brilliant. Yes, the primary objective is to make sure my teeth are healthy but it's the manner in how my dentist achieves that. I always feel that my dentist is motivated by the outcome for me and how I feel about my plan. My dentist is always extremely professional; however, for me, I know that my concerns are listened to, and for that my dentist has my absolute trust and faith. Like I said I cannot speak highly enough of my dentist.

Been going there for 24years. Would not want to go anywhere else. Petrified when I first went there because of bad experiences elsewhere. The dentist gave me confidence and 24 year's later still there and now going every 6 month (my choice) I think that says all.

I, changed my dentist who was good however now I have an amazing dentist who was very professional, caring ,explained the procedure throughout,and fixed my problem ! I would recommend my dentist to all my friends.

The staff were friendly too.

Thank you so much.

Prior to attending Brigstock Dental Practice, I had an inherent and long-standing fear of going to the dentist. As a result, I did not attend on a regular basis for a number of years and suffered significant tooth loss and decay. This was exacerbated by the fact that I am an insulin-dependent diabetic, so am prone to dental problems

My current dentist is wonderful. They greet me with a smile and seems genuinely interested in any queries or concerns I may have . They are also very patient and respectful of the fact that I am very fearful of injections and even sitting in the dental chair. They always put me at my ease and explains everything that they are about to do and why.

The surgery itself is very clean with a modern, stylish décor. I also have to say that the receptionists are lovely; they are extremely helpful and kind. There have been a number of occasions when I have been in considerable pain and they have done their best for me to be seen in the surgery on the same day when necessary. Because they are the first point of contact, I now feel very relaxed when I arrive at the dental surgery.

I am now in the process of having a partial denture made and the process has been quick and very efficient. However, If this dentist was my dentist ten years ago, I may not have needed it!

Keep up the good work to all at the practice and sincere thanks

I'm 32 years old and I never liked it visit the dentist so my last visit was like 6 years ego. I had really bad pain for long time, I even stopped enjoying my food and I love my food, special my ice cream.. Can you imagine? you like something so much but when you eating you feel huge pain like broken bone but in your mouth.. So I decided to call Brigstock Dental Practice and very welcome receptionist made me quick appointment. My doctor was very professional and treated me very well with the respect even that I came as a patient nhs because I was on jobs sicker allowance. Took few weeks to sort out my tooth because I had root canal job but after 1st visit the pain was gone.. I'm recommend it that place to anyone because all workers from receptionists to doctors are very kind and respectful..

I have attended this practice for a number of years and can highly recommend it. I am a nervous patient but the dentist is very understanding and gentle. They explain everything in detail, does not overcharge and only carries out the necessary treatment to maintain healthy teeth and gums. The work they have done on my teeth has been excellent. The bridge they put in was comfortable from the outset, looks great and will last for many more years to come.

All the staff at this surgery are friendly and helpful. I receive timely reminders by text when my next appointment is due. The surgery itself is clean and welcoming.

The dentist has enabled me to attend the dentist regularly without too much anxiety. I have recommended them to everyone I know.