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Brigstock Dental Practice & Implant Centre
97 Brigstock Road, Thornton Heath, Croydon, Surrey CR7 7JL

Specialist Treatments That We Offer

Specialist Periodontics

Have you got sore, bleeding or receding gums? Have your teeth moved or become loose? Our Specialist Periodontist can help restore your gum health and aesthetics using more advanced treatment.

Specialist Endodontics

Do you want the best chance of keeping your tooth? Root canal treatment can be a complex procedure best carried out by our highly skilled specialists. They often have the ability to save teeth that would have otherwise been extracted.

Facial Aesthetics

Have you got fine lines that bother you? Discover our treatments to enhance your natural beauty. We can also treat jaw pain due to grinding, gummy smiles and reduction of underarm sweat.

Specialist Implants

Have you got missing teeth or an uncomfortable denture? Dental Implants provide a fixed solution to eat & speak with confidence.


Are you a nervous patient? We offer sedation to give you a more relaxing experience.