When you come to see us at Brigstock, we will start every course of treatment with a full mouth examination.

We want to have a full understanding of your teeth and gums as well as learn more about you and your needs and expectations.

We will carry out a full assessment, gain a good general picture of your oral health and may take X-rays and photographs, enabling us to gather as much information about your mouth as possible. Once we have collected this information and identified your treatment needs, we can then discuss your options as well as the associated costs and finalise your treatment plan before going on to book your next appointment.


What should I expect at my Dental Check-Up?

We will provide a full dental assessment and want you to leave us feeling confident in the next steps to achieve strong, healthy teeth and gums and a beautiful smile.

  • We want to get to know you: What are your main goals for coming to see us? Are there any concerns you want addressed? Have you noticed any changes since your last check-up? We’re here to listen to you.
  • We will take a full medical & dental history to help us understand your health and needs.
  • We will do a full examination of your teeth and previous restorations for any signs of decay or wear.
  • We will assess your gums and soft tissues for any signs of gum disease.
  • We will check for plaque and tartar build-up and provide advice on optimum at-home care, including brushing and flossing routine and how to prevent gum disease.
  • We will carry out an oral cancer screen: As professionals in dental health, we can detect any unusual signs or symptoms that could indicate oral cancer.
  • We can carry out special investigations such as X-rays and photographs to help diagnose and provide the right treatment plan.
  • We will check your bite: This is to ensure your teeth are in correct alignment and haven’t been affected by grinding.
  • We want to make sure you’re happy with your smile.

Do you have any concerns about the shape, colour or positioning of your teeth?

Let us know, and we can provide advice and options that are right for you.

How often do I need a Check-Up?

We advise all our patients to attend for routine dental check-ups twice a year so we can ensure your teeth and gums are being kept as healthy and strong as can be.

We want to address any problem areas as soon as possible and hopefully minimise the need for intervention.

We also recommend dental hygiene appointments at least twice a year.

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